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The Menagerie

Meet the Fuzz Squad!




Weighing in at a solid 45 pounds of solid love, this big boy Shiba Inu is a shy but loving rescue who is going to have his tenth birthday this year!

With those judgmental eyebrows, he loves trying to take on the role of house enforcer, much to the cats' chagrin.

His favorite things are tennis balls, treats, playing chase, and feet.




This handsy sweetie known for his love of kisses has always been a huge social butterfly and mama's boy.

A little hard of seeing, he's in otherwise wonderful health for approaching his seventeenth birthday this year!

His favorite things are ear scritches, treats, wet food, and trying to climb

in your mouth.

IMG_1618 2.JPG



Littermate to Sam, Max a big old boy who specializes in aggressive cuddling. He will approach quietly, then come in for the body slam and lean.

He can often be found sitting with his leg straight out due to an injury over a decade ago, but he's incredibly spry especially for turning seventeen!

His favorite things are cuddling, leaning, nibbling, and complaining.




The baby of the family, Geralt is an active and exciting young tom who is almost two years old.

From a little of kittens born to a forest black cat that adopted my mother, Big G loves getting into anything and everything with occasional breaks for lap cuddle time.

His favorite things are knocking things over, batting the tv, and bothering Sam.


Vlad & Lucky


Brother and sister Vlad, the black one, and Lucky, the multicolor one, are the sweetest and softest angora lionhead mixed bunnies you will ever meet.

From the same litter, somehow Vlad inherited more angora and needs regular shearings while Lucky just keeps the chic bangs.

Their favorite things are brown paper bags filled with greens and fruits.


Grunt & Wrex


Two of the newest to the Menagerie, these cuties came to me as a full grown pair that - try not to be too starstruck - previously resided in the children's section of the local zoo!

Two absolute dolls, they are super attentive and love to see what's going on around all of the time.

Their favorite things are chasing crickets and juicy super worms.




As gorgeous and classy as one might think, Bea is a lady through and through.

Sporting an unusual pattern that actually includes some skull-like images, she is a ball python without compare.

Her favorite things are naps, hanging out as the coolest necklace around, or spending some quality time tucked down a shirt.




This handsome fellow is all that axolotl and more! Generously sharing his home with a few ghost shrimp who do the dirty work, Franklin loves cruising around his plants and rock features.

His favorite things are earthworm pellets and doing a wiggle.




Raised from a baby sling, Nightshade the curly hair tarantula is an absolute treasure.

Often found cruising around the habitat, they love rearranging the decor and are delightful to hold.

Their favorite things are crickets and interior decorating.


Loki & Templeton


Perhaps the biggest stars of the menagerie, the two handsome rattie boys that are as good for the camera as they are sweet.

Absolute naturals at modeling, these two are still fairly young boys who are looking forward to a rich and happy life.

Their favorite things are playing and as of late freeze-dried yogurt drops.

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