A story in everything, and in everything a story.

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I am passionate about stories and they power they hold to inspire, enlighten, connect, and empower. When we share our perspectives and experiences we not only validate our own truths but hold space for others who may need to hear that story told.

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Times as of late have been more stressful, uncertain, and strange than most of us can remember in recent history, which is all the more reason it's more important than ever to continue to connect and build community. That's why I've started bringing my storytelling events to my Twitch stream! Here are some of the recent themes. I hope you'll join me for one of the next!

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An unnatural storm, a shipwreck, a powerful spirit, an irritable monster, young love at first sight, drunken shenanigans, a host of sudden naps, a mighty wizard with just a little chip on her shoulder, and it's all going according to plan...


This virtual staged reading of Shakespeare's The Tempest is a fully cast digital read that will also feature accompanying works illustrated by Rockette Fox to highlight visuals and bring to life various moments and characters in the tale.

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Villainess, seductress, glass-ceiling-breaker, witch, bitch, powerhouse, goddess, slut, vixen, bombshell, queen, warrior - there are many words that have filled the baggage of what society expects of women and those who identify as women throughout time.


Defiantly, we say, "No more." What does it mean to be a woman in today's world? What is it to be a witch? A goddess? A queen? Bringing in the theme from the unfortunately canceled live event, SHE Stories, in honor of Women's History Month I will be telling stories invoked from: Witch, Goddess, Queen.

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In difficult times, what does it mean to find purpose? To face the unknown? To be brave? To find respite when things are uncertain?


Join me as, in honor of National Poetry Month, we share in the powerful medium of verse for a collection of poems that focus not just on existing but triumphing through turmoil even in small and unexpected ways. Whether finding one's personal voice, empowering oneself through adversity, or taking a road less traveled, let's come together to share in one another's stories and experiences. Even though we and those around us may struggle, it doesn't mean we can't still thrive.

Dangerous times call for dangerous measures, and you're ready to give this world a little something something that shows you aren't messing around. You're not just dangerous, you're uterally dangerous. That's right the Uterally Dangerous shirts are in! Whats more, it's GIVEAWAY TIME, my loves! ✨

Then tune into my Twitch channel Monday May 4th for the drawing of the winner and an evening of stories and chat about what it means to be Uterally Dangerous!

Piles of Books
Storytelling training to make a difference.


The Story Bee is my storytelling incubator in which participants are trained in a variety of focused workshops that include: walking individuals through the guided process of picking a topic, writing a story, and learning to tell that story live; storytelling as a way to bridge small group dynamics in organizations and the workplace; methods of self empowerment and acceptance through the practice of engaging with one's own story; and so fourth.

Visit The Story Bee for more information! Workshops, blogs, resources, calendar, ways to book, and more are available.


For event suggestions, workshop inquiries, live storytelling requests, event hosting or moderation, other questions, comments, stories, or just to say hello please send me a message!

I am happy to answer any questions you might have and share any insights that may interest you. I also do virtual one-on-ones for both live and written storytelling work.

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