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Waking up in a strange and barren facility, you sense the need to escape. Grabbing a nearby device, it fits perfectly over your hand allowing you to reach strange places. You can hear a low and mechanical voice taunting you with the idea of a cake that may or may not be there, and you take a big leap. You know you can outwit B0wser. "Wahoo!"


I love a fandom fusion, and Mario+Portal seemed like an unexpected but natural combination that makes so much sense. I hope that you enjoy this print pulled from an original acrylic painting on canvas!


This print is sized at 11x14 inches.



If you are interested in the original, it has been donated to the AGDQ 2023 and will be available as a prize mid-January! For more information, to watch an amazing event, and to support a great cause, visit

"Super Cake World" print

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