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For you, my love, a downloadable monthly and daily planner sheet to help set your goals, organize your tasks, acknolwedge your wins, and build a habit of gratitude and structure.


The monthly sheet is filled in with the month and dates, followed by what you would like your focus for the month to be (such as personal growth, self-love, etc.), what your goals for the month are, and wins for the month. Be sure to write your month's wins in as they happen! It's important to take time to celebrate your victories! They matter <3


The daily sheet is filled in with the date and day, three things you are grateful for, three things you are excited for, a daily affirmation (such as 'I am a badass,' 'My experiences matter,' etc.), your to do list, your to plan list, your wins of the day, and what you'd like to improve tomorrow. Keep track of what you've completed in your to do list and what you didn't! This is not a mark of success or failure, this is a way to keep track of what you're asking of yourself and what you're realistically capable of. When you complete anything not on the list, add it! This helps to keep track of what you are actually doing with your time <3


I hope that these tools are a little helpful for you! I have found them to be extremely helpful for me ^^ If you have any questions or feedback, I'd love to know! Thank you so much and good luck!

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