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Style as a manifestation of self

The art of

empowered identity

"I love the energy in this shoot! Makes me smile just to look at it!"



The way we look, unfortunately, holds a great deal of power over how the world interacts with us, perceives us, and limits us. As a biracial Korean American who spent my entire life not fitting in anywhere - being constantly stared at, asked 'what am I,' and so on - I began to incorporate bolder, more colorful and eccentric designs into my looks.

There is something special about the radical demonstration of self in a world that encourages uniformity but desperately hungers for authenticity.


My ambition is to encourage others to push their boundaries in the comfort zones of their own daily lives - appearance, story, style - to truly, authentically, and unapologetically shine, as well as offer the guidance and insight from things that I've learned along the way.


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