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My story

Color Stain

In the last quarter of the last century,

something strangely foxy happened...

It was around 10 pm when I came onto the scene upside-down, backwards, and tangled as a plump 10 pound 1 ounce baby (...and don't worry, I've never been far from reminded what my tiny Korean mother had to go through in order for me to get here).

To a degree, upside-down, backwards, and tangled has been an ongoing theme that would follow me throughout my life- but I like to think I come by it honestly.


I grew up the product of an only-child, divorced parents, and working single-father home. My mother would have me every other weekend, where I would sit on the floor of her small apartment and listen to cassettes of Tears for Fears, the Three Tenors, and Cats. The rest of the time I would come home from school to a quiet and empty house to play with my guinea pig while watching M.A.S.H. (I'm still not totally sure how I got turned onto the black comedy of a wartime Alan Alda in elementary school... maybe it was the guinea pig).

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Since then I have embarked on a long journey that has taken me through many places, roles, and therapy sessions.

As many other people, I have struggled with my mental health in pretty profound ways. With a history of self-harm, suicidal ideation, and childhood PTSD - among the other ingredients to my seven layer dip of psychology - I have a history that, for many years, I've felt incredibly ashamed of.

Mental health care and diversity is a topic that is incredibly close to my heart. (And mind, as it happens.) And one of my biggest missions is to encourage open dialog and help destigmatize conversation and honesty surrounding mental health. 

My own journey is ongoing, but one that I help manage through mindfulness practice, medication, and therapy.

During this process of self-exploration, I became involved in nonprofit work, performance, storytelling, and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration and Design. I discovered a great love for advocacy and trying to find new ways to work at the intersection of my specialties.

Over the past eight-plus years, I have had the greatest honor to perform live storytelling, teach, and speak nationally on topics such as storytelling methodology, the importance of diversity and representation in media, creating safer spaces, and beyond.

As a visual and tactile creator, I continue to draw from my biracial Korean-American heritage and love of the strange to invoke pieces that embolden, empower, and uplift.

I believe in the power of stories and connection, and I am passionate about encouraging others in creating their own magic through radical self-love and authentic expression.

Style as a manifestation of self

The art of

empowered identity



The way we look, unfortunately, holds a great deal of power over how the world interacts with us, perceives us, and limits us. As a biracial Korean American, I spent my entire life not quite belonging - being stared at and asked the all too familiar 'What are you?' 


I began to incorporate bolder, more colorful and eccentric designs into my looks. If people wanted to look, I'd give them something to look at. However, during the process I discovered something: there is a magic to taking control over how we present ourselves. 

There is something special about the radical demonstration of self in a world that encourages uniformity but desperately hungers for authenticity.


My ambition is to encourage others to push their boundaries in the comfort zones of their own daily lives - appearance, story, style - to truly, authentically, and unapologetically shine, as well as offer the guidance and insight from things that I've learned along the way.

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