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Embracing the strange in the pursuit of the peculiar in her work, Rockette Fox believes in the power of stories and connection and is passionate about creating spaces where diverse voices can be represented, expressed, and shared.

"Oddly fascinating..."

Upcoming Events

Vintage Light Balls

Cyberpunk Sonata

2/01 (Mondays) 6 - 9 pm central

Follow the Sky Demons as they try to rebuild their gang, using the Cyberpunk Red system Season 1 kicks off Feb 1st!

Thursday Stream

2/04 (Thursdays) 7 - 9 pm central

We may craft in the mines, or dew the stars, chat, or craft, the night is our oyster!

Welcome to Morra!

2/18 (Thursdays) 2/18 2 - 5 pm central

I'm beyond thrilled to join the cast for Morra, a magic-filled collegiate game with a stellar cast on Weave the Tale! Season kicks off Feb 18th.

Wine Wednesdays Stream

2/03 (Wednesdays) 7 - 9 pm central

Grab your favorite beverage of choice and join me for a relaxing midweek stream of chat, art, tales, and fun!

City of Light and Shadows

2/05 (Fridays) 6 - 10 pm central

We return for season 3 of CoLaS, where our resistors in Nazi occupied Paris returns after a three month break. Tango is injured, Sylvie is pregnant, and there are no lights in the bar... but this is fine.

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