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Embracing the strange in the pursuit of the peculiar in her work, Rockette Fox believes in the power of stories and connection and is passionate about creating spaces where diverse voices can be represented, expressed, and shared.

"Oddly fascinating..."

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Vintage Light Balls
Monday Night Stream

6/15 at 7 pm central

This week, I'll be checking out Moonlighter, an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements following the everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero.

Thursday Afternoon Stream

6/18 fat 3 pm central

Join me for a relaxed Thursday afternoon break on the farm with Stardew Vally <3

City of Light & Shadows: Season Finale!

6/19 at 6 pm central

This week is our final episode of the season! Sylvie has just been rescued from the Gestapo, but what will our brave resistance cell do now?

Strange Spirits: Korean & Japanese Folk Tales and Ghost Stories

6/29 at 7 pm central

An evening of Korean & Japanese folk tales and ghost stories with a brand new set of illustrations and giveaway! For details visit

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