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Embracing the strange in the pursuit of the peculiar in her work, Rockette Fox believes in the power of stories and connection and is passionate about creating spaces where diverse voices can be represented, expressed, and shared.

"Oddly fascinating..."

Upcoming Events

Vintage Light Balls

Monday Night Stream

8/03 (7-9 pm central)

No more Monday blues! Join me in stream for a variety of games, stories, style, and more!

Wine Wednesdays Stream

8/05 (7-9 pm central)

Grab your favorite beverage of choice and join me for a relaxing midweek stream of chat, tales, and fun!

SHE Con: Empowering Your Story with Rockette Fox

8/08 (3-4 pm central)

In this workshop we will walkthrough getting started with telling your personal story in a way that empowers you. When we give our stories space, we validate ourselves. Your story deserves to be heard!

SHE Con: Intro to Streaming with Rockette Fox

8/04 (5-6 pm central)

Join me for this intro into the world of streaming as she shares tips, tricks, and logistics of getting started with streaming!

Thursday Afternoon Stream

8/06 (3-5 pm central)

Afternoon fun with Fox! Will it be retro games? It will probably be retro games... ;}

Rockette Fox's Birthday Soiree!

8/10 (7-10 pm central)

Join me for an evening away from the routine as I share some of my favorite folktales, poems, personal stories, songs, and a giveaway or two!

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