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Embracing the strange in the pursuit of the peculiar in her work, Rockette Fox believes in the power of stories and connection and is passionate about creating spaces where diverse voices can be represented, expressed, and shared.

"Oddly fascinating..."

Upcoming Events

Vintage Light Balls

Monday Night Stream

09/28 (7 - 9 pm central)

Starting off the week with some games! As of late Overcooked 2 with Troopersjp

Thursday Afternoon Stream

10/1 (3 - 5 pm central)

An easygoing afternoon stream with the beautiful Spiritfarer game.

Wine Wednesdays Stream

09/30 (7 - 9 pm central)

Grab your favorite beverage of choice and join me for a relaxing midweek stream of chat, art, tales, and fun!

City of Light and Shadow

10/2 (6 - 9 pm central)

We return to Paris during WWII to follow the adventures of our brave resistance cell on their journey through the Nazi occupied city. A FATE based campaign.

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