You matter.

 Life is a 



 The world is harder than ever 

 before in profound ways. 

 Whether battling self-doubt, 

 isolation, mental health, 

 worthiness, or simply 

 overwhelmed by systematic 

 wrongs that feel so hopeless. 

Strip Stars.png

You are bold,
meant to shine.

 We all need support. To be heard. Seen. 
We are powerful 
but sometimes need to be reminded. 


 Your story matters. 

I am passionate about empowering and uplifting others to fully embrace themselves and their unique stories.


I believe in the magic of

connection, radical self-love, authentic self-expression,

and opening dialog about difficult topics.

 We're in this together. 

 As a biracial Korean American storyteller, speaker, 
teacher, artist, and creator, I want to use what I've 
learned to encourage you and show you ways to 
care for and empower yourself that embraces the 
badass that you are. 


 Join me on the journey! 

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