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Embracing the strange in the pursuit of the peculiar in her work, Rockette Fox believes in the power of stories and connection and is passionate about creating spaces where diverse voices can be represented, expressed, and shared.

"Oddly fascinating..."

Upcoming Events

Vintage Light Balls

Friday Afternoon Stream

Fridays 2 - 5 pm central

Join me for a chill end of the week stream where anything could happen!

Kobold Press: Court of the Night Fey

Mondays 6 - 8 pm central

Secrets, society, courtly intrigue, and the fey - how will our adventurers fare and will they make it to the queen?

Wine Wednesdays Stream

Wednesdays 7 - 9 pm central

Grab your favorite beverage of choice and join me for a relaxing midweek stream of chat, art, tales, and fun!

Monday Stream

Mondays 2 - 4 pm central

Kick off the start of the week with me as we play some Minecraft, Stardew Valley, share some stories, or create some illustrations!

Cyberpunk Red Weekly

Thursdays 6 - 9 pm central

I am super excited to join an amazing cast for a weekly Cyberpunk Red run in which yours truly will play a kawaii Netrunner named Hades ;}

Contact Me

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